Keith Laban

Keith Laban was born in the East End of London and went on to study Illustration and Fine Art at Reigate School of Art. It was here he had his formal introduction to photography, was awarded the Sir Alec Issigonis Prize for Art and met his wife.

On leaving college Keith continued with his passion for photography and began his career as a freelance illustrator, working for publishers and advertising agencies as well as exhibiting paintings in the UK and Europe.

In recent years Keith has concentrated on his photographic work, supplying images to clients such as Hasselblad, The Royal Horticultural Society and The BBC.

Keith combines his love of the natural world and photography, striving to capture childhood memories of woodland walks through carpets of bluebells and autumn leaves. He will often visit locations time and again in pursuit of the elusive "perfect moment" and brings a sense of order to what is essentially a chaotic environment.

Keith also uses photography in his personal work to explore the boundaries between his work as a painter and photographer, often shooting on location in the Mediterranean.

Currently living with his wife in Surrey UK.