Cassandra Barney

"My hope is that people will find a connection with the images I create; a thread that will hold them to a captured moment of insight and reflection" says artist Cassandra Christensen Barney. " My portraits don't always feature the outwardly pretty or majestic, yet they all share a quiet beauty that ask us to listen and to feel. Within my work, I share various objects that have become personally significant to me, creating small internal narratives, with the hope that these will resonate with the viewer. The bird tucked into the blouse of the woman, nestled close to her heart, represents my nuturing feelings toward those I love. Radiant butterflies have become my symbol of how quickly my daughters grow and change, and the feeling that as they grow they move farther and farther away. And, amongst all these are woven symbols and motifs celebrating the strengths and ultimate complexity of the feminine nature. My work reflects my personal narrative, yet my intent as an artist is to create an experience that will allow the viewer to bring new interpretations to the symbols, thereby allowing the viewer to create his or her own narrative, own sense of understanding and place."

Christensen Barney was born and raised in Orem, Utah. She received her Master's degree in Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in 2000. Life is truly art at Christensen Barney's home as her husband is also an artist and teacher. Her three daughters enjoy creating alongside their parents. In addition to her own children, Barney encourages many others to explore the world of art. She taught at The Waterford School for four years and continues to teach part time at BYU.